Online Download Speed Calculator

Thanks to Jason Haley of DotNetJunkies for this link to the T1 Shopper's Download Calculator. Jason was interested in it because of some issues he's having with ASP.Net's ViewState, and how, if you don't use it carefully, you can end up with some heavy payloads for ASP.Net-generated web pages. At any rate, on the site above, you enter a number, select the type of data (e.g., bits, bytes, kilobytes, etc.), and then select the speed of your connection. It calculates an approximate user wait time for the data to be transmitted. I tested it against the known size of several large web pages and file downloads, and it's pretty accurate -- at least from what I experience on RoadRunner of Central Florida. They must factor in some of that internet slowdown we all experience from time to time.

Bob Baker

posted @ Tuesday, April 27, 2004 7:46 PM



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