Windows 7 Upgrade boot configuration issue solved

I have already done a couple of Windows 7 upgrades over the past two weeks. I have found it to be the best upgrade Microsoft has ever produced. The upgraded computers run as fast (my perception) as if I had done a fresh installation. So I tackled my third upgrade this evening (a 32-bit Vista Ultimate on my daughters laptop), and ran into a glitch during the Setting and Programs copying stage. The Windows 7 installer stopped and reported that it could not continue because of a boot configuration problem as shown below.


At first, I thought it might be because I had selected a selective startup using msconfig as shown below.


I reset it to Normal startup and started the upgrade again. It stopped with the same issue. So I brought up System Properties, clicked the Startup and Recovery Settings button, and found there was no operating system to select in the dropdown! That can’t be good. So I did some research and found this article telling me how to run the bootrec tool from the Recovery Console to rebuild my Boot Configuration Data (BCD) store. But I didn’t even need to go that far. Right after booted my original Vista 32-bit DVD, and selected ‘Repair this computer’ from the initial preboot environment, I was offered the option to rebuild and restart. I did that, and once booted back into Vista, I found the OS listed in the System Properties, Startup and Recovery dialog. I don’t know how the computer got to that state in the first place, but the Windows 7 upgrade finished without further issues. Hope this helps.

Bob Baker

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posted @ Friday, January 8, 2010 12:39 AM



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